Bill Berg


During Bill’s six decades as a percussionist, the artist has entertained a president, multiple celebrities, and even astronauts. The drummer was nominated for a Grammy, for his contribution to “Beauty and the Beast.”

He’s been in the studio with talents like Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens. He co-founded the 80’s-90’s fusion group, Flim & the BB’s. While living in Los Angeles, Bill worked with some of West Coast’s best jazz artists including Howard Roberts, Ernie Watts, Bill Perkins, Ben Sidran and the Wayne Johnson Trio.

As a resident of Western North Carolina, Mr. Berg stays busy in local recording studios, and performs alongside some of the area’s top musicians.

He’s conducted a Master Drum Class at Brevard College and takes on an occasional student or two.

One of Bill Berg’s favorite things about the Carolinas is its diversity of musical styles, which continue to inspire him both in and out of the recording studio.